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There She Is - Step 3: Doki & Nabi LIVES!!!

2008-06-04 01:27:47 by Clovis15
Updated c_frameset.htm

For those of you who remember There She Is, and There She Is - Step 2: Cake Dance, the third part in the five part series is finally here, "There She Is - Step 3: Doki & Nabi". As Amalloc, the animator, is now being paid to make these, the final two parts should be here much sooner. I have linked to the page showcasing all three episodes out so far, and I highly reccomend you watch them. It's my advice that you look at the cast page after watching Episode 2, but before watching Episode 3.

NOTE: Sorry that this has nothing to do with CTU-17, but I felt I just had to share this.

Preproduction for CTU-17 is Almost Done

2008-05-25 18:37:27 by Clovis15

The final copy of the script for Episode 17 of CTU has been ratified by all members present, and Cryokenetic is almost done preparing special custom artwork that will be needed for the episode. Furthermore, the final cut of the opening theme song has finally been delivered by Mystik and will be replacing the old opening sequence that has been going on since before I took on the animating duties on this series. Ideally I would like to get this episode out before the end of Summer, and hopefully I will achieve just that. As this episode will not be as insanely long as Episode 16, there's a far lesser chance of me being crushed into submission by it multiple times before I finish it.

If any news breaks, I'll try to be sure to let you all know about it.

Remember to vist our forums at: (Cryo is posting at them again, and we just recently got over 18k posts).

Episode 16 of Chrono Trigger Unglued LIVES!

2008-03-25 03:06:43 by Clovis15

After a lengthy delay, in part due to the massive length of the episode, episode 16 of Chrono Trigger Unglued is finally here. Now you can find out what happened during the time Crono spent in jail unconscious. This is the largest episode of CTU ever made, both in file size and length.

Starting today I've begun to crack down on Episode 16 of CTU with the plans of not letting up until it's done. It should be out within the next two weeks. Sorry about all the delays before now. In other news, we have a newer and far better phpBB based forum now: /

Hopefully I'll see all of you CTU fans there!