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State of "Chrono Trigger Unglued" Episode 25

Posted by Clovis15 - December 31st, 2016

Well, Episode 25 of "Chrono Trigger Unglued" has certainly hit a nasty setback.

As you may remember, Episode-24 ended up becoming late because of numerous collaborators whom didn't turn in their parts on time (some of whom were far worse about it than others). I would have worked on CTU-25 immediately after that - and I should have - but a friend of mine wanted to make it himself (from my script), and his talents seemed infinitely better suited to certain events taking place during CTU-25 than my own. I really should've learned a lesson from my fresh collaboration-clusterfuck, and - since I was effectively fooled twice in a row - you're all fully justified to blame and despise me.

Long-story short is that this person became obsessed with the idea of blowing my mind, and as such stopped showing me progress reports (although other eyewitnesses confirm he actually was working on the material). Unfortunately the other thing he stopped doing - beyond having multiple real-life crises in a row that all slowed him down - was backing up stuff, which is admittedly mindboggling. It's probably already clear where there is going, but the file - which had a singular copy - finally borked itself beyond all repair.

I'm sorry this happened, and I'm sorry I have nothing to show for the time you've spent waiting, and I'm really sorry nothing I'm about to make by myself will even remotely make up for the waiting you've gone through. Maybe you would've received something worth the time spent waiting if I'd made this myself back in 2015, but the episode - made entirely by myself now - will be inadequately arriving in 2017 instead. Either way, I'm going to try all the same to bring you Episode 25 - entirely crafted by myself - during the first half of 2017.


The missing menu-songs from various episodes of CTU is not some mistake, I recently worked - 100% willingly - with Newgrounds Staff to remove infringing audio-material for the sake of Newgrounds'  Safety.

Comments (3)

i dont care

need a voice actres? i m here? :D

Not during this episode, at least. I will keep this offer in mind going forward, your demo reel was well put together.

Hey man. I hope you didn't abandon the series. Have a great day. ;)

No, I haven't abandoned it. But there sure have been some setbacks this year. Please see the newest post for more info.