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Chrono Trigger Unglued - Episode 24: "Those Freaky Monsters!"

2014-11-12 04:21:58 by Clovis15

Crono and Company - while en route to Arris Dome - have to first go through Site-16, wherein Crono bumps into a "Furry Whiskered Spawn of Satan". This rude rat promptly makes off with all of Crono's precious Ethers, forcing him to chase down the vermin in order to retrieve his sweet-sweet MP restoring drugs. Unfortunately it seems that the smelly people back in the last dome they visited forgot to tell the gang a few things about this location, and Crono is now about to have a rather unpleasant run in with the undead.


Yeah, that took way too damn long to make... didn't it?

What have I learned? I have learned that collaborating with people can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a pure nightmare if you collaborate with too many of them all at once. I am really sorry that this episode took so long to make, and certain people won't ever be helping with CTU again going forward (sorry, not naming names).

Anyways, here is the 24th episode - thusly keeping Cryo's dream still alive - that I hope you will all enjoy. The 25th episode - which Sunrie, of "Captain R: The Game Ranger" fame, will be helping me make - is hopefully going to be out far more quickly than this particular episode was. In fact, I think you just might find this next episode to be a "Thriller."

Finally, Cryo - if you're reading this - please get in contact with me... I haven't heard from you since 2010.


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