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Jake Richmond (Modest Medusa Creator) Interview

2012-09-11 01:24:21 by Clovis15

Wow, apparently I forgot to update this thing massively for a while.

Anyways, we recently interviewed Jake Richmond - the creator of Modest Medusa - and his cohort, Nick Smith, about the hilarious web comic and upcoming P&P RPG that will be based on it (technically it's actually the other way around). You can hear all about in Episode 13 of The Revue. Those who want up to the minute updates on the RPG's progess can follow the (still under construction) Magical Land of Yeld Facebook Page. Remember, those who arrive late will only have themselves to blame if Medusa eats all of their chocodiles.

But wait, before that we did a podcast on the Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon series. I don't know how I completely forgot to mention Episode 12 of the The Revue, but it somehow completely slipped my mind. We cover how the series spun off from the earlier Harvest Moon games, the five games released so far, and what is currently known about the upcoming 3DS title. I will try to not to let something like this happen again in the future.

I have also reviewed many iPhone games over at lately, such as Pitfall! and Keri Racing. It is a useful site for fair in-depth unbiased reviews of iPhone software, and it has been a positively wonderful company to write for so far. They also regularly hold competition for free releases of upcoming popular iPhone games. so reading it could even score you something completely free for your time.

Also, fear not, there will be an Episode 24 of Chrono Trigger Unglued.


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2012-09-14 07:59:12

cool :)