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What has been going on in my life, plus "The Vagrant's Tale" eBook.

Posted by Clovis15 - April 17th, 2012

I've probably been quiet here for quite some time, I guess I didn't feel like talking much right after my mom's death (at least she's no longer fighting the cancer anymore). Anyways, since this is supposed to be an update of things that have happened since I last posted here, let's get started:

First of all, I got a job at iFanzine.com writing reviews of iPod games and hopefully I will have my first professional piece of gaming journalism going up there soon. I want to immensely thank a particular friend of mine who reccomended me personally for the position, without his help I do not think I would have gotten the job at all (I'm not directly mentioning his name here as he doesn't like having his name thrown around from what I can tell). This is probably one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me in my life, especially since most places turn me down because of a lack of pre-existing work experience (College degrees generally just aren't worth even the paper they're printed on).

Secondly, I finally finished formatting the eBook copy of "The Vagrant's Tale" just the way I like and it's now available on Amazon for the Kindle and devices that can get Kindle reading software at the price of $2.99 (this was the minimum price I could set it to and still make it available the world over, I had some foreign people ask me about eBook availability when the physical book first became available). Unlike the preview chapters in my gallery, this copy of the book has been revised many times over for maximized readability and continuity control. Furthermore, it has the same bonus two epilogue chapters as the print version that will never be made available online. The only downside to the eBook over the physical version is that I probably will never be able to sign it in the unlikely event we one day meet (unless you don't mind ink on your LCD screen), and you can't use the eBook as a makeshift bludgeoning device (again, not unless you don't mind damaging expensive electronics).

Dead-Tree Physical Edition (CreateSpace, $14.95): https://www.createspace.com/3627225
Dead-Tree Physical Edition (Amazon, $14.95): http://www.amazon.com/The-Vagrants-Tale-Clovis-D ye/dp/1463735359/
Ethereal Kindle eBook Edition (Amazon, $2.99): http://www.amazon.com/The-Vagrants-Tale-ebook/dp /B007TGGRFU/

Thirdly, the group I Let's Play! with has recently completed full sessions of the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade PC graphic adventure game, as well as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES. We will also in the near future have more of the classic Tink!Tonk! Land edutainment series games going up just as soon as we finish putting those videos together. We are currently considering running some infamous Atari 2600 games for our next outting.

Finally, and this is probably somewhat old news by this point, but I still want to point this out all the same. Kirbopher, of Newgrounds fame, has recently rebooted his ancient sprite series - TTA - as a full blown hand drawn animation series. So far the first three episodes of T.O.M.E. (Terrain of Magical Expertise) are up on Newgrounds, with a 4th episode currently in the works, and I can immensely reccomend what has been made so far. This is all of course assuming you aren't already watching it, because I am - as I said - a bit late on this news.

CTU-SPECIFIC NEWS: Famed Newgrounds artist Melissa "Nalem" Albino has been comissioned to produce a short hand animated segment that will appear during CTU Episode 24. Also, all of the original sprites needed for this episode - of which there are many - have been completed. There is also an original song composed by Hi-Five Panda (I apologize immensely if I got the band's name wrong) that will be appearing for the first time ever in this episode. I promise you, this episode is going to be a "Thriller" (it'll make more sense when the episode actually comes out).