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Posted by Clovis15 - November 17th, 2017

Some of you might've noticed the website for Chrono Trigger Unglued, as well as Ultra Publications in general, is now gone. Don't worry, this isn't because we dissapeared without a trace. I've still been working on CTU 25, but - Dear Lord - has this been a year where everything that could possibly go wrong, no matter how inconvenient, actually went wrong.

Let's list some things:

1) An important collaborator of Ultra Publications - Sunrie - got married and very recently had a child, we wish him the best-of-luck in raising his son (even if that drastically cuts into his available time). Sunrie's spot in our Pathfinder RPG group will still be waiting for whenever his life becomes less hectic.

2) My father was semi-recently found dead in his bedroom one morning, and we believe he died of a stroke. The fact that he was deaf, due to being a mortar operator in the army, meant no one realized this was coming. He'd recently passed a physical with flying colors, but it wasn't his physical-health we needed to be worrying about. I still wish we'd caught this sooner, but everyone wrote off his increasingly odd behavior - in the preceeding months leading up to his demise - on the fact he was getting up in his years.

3) I've been busy packing up for a move. I was previously helping to care for my father, since - due to him being deaf, and somewhat illiterate - he needed a lot of help taking care of any business-matters involving either the phone and/or letters. This especially became a lot of work when he started having a lot of car accidents near the very end (which should've helped clue us in that something was wrong, despite his limited communication capacity, as he was otherwise an impeccably safe driver up to that point). 

4) We've since been fighting to get my father's estate established, which hasn't been particularly easy since he never once bothered to create a will of his own.

5) A friend whom I've known for nearly two decades - whom I won't name, so as to remain professional - recently was caught being a sociopathic-manipulator, the internal investigations after the incident quickly unravelled their two decades of lies - and the innumerous times they deliberately played people against each other - leading to no one I know of talking with this person anymore. Having this discovery occur less than a week after my father died certainly did not help matters in the least.

I know the person in question probably won't believe me, but I do earnestly pray that - for their own sake - they change someday for the better.

6) Finally - due to still more real-life complications - the person whom was paying/running the website recently stopped paying the bill, and no one else was financially in a position to immediately pick up the slack either (and even fewer cared, since the website's forums were basically all-but-dead for ages). Thankfully we were able to back up everything important before the website went down, meaning nothing of value was lost.

I apologize that I didn't post that our website would be going down sooner - I really should have - but things've been crazy lately with scheduling around Pathfinder players that just had children, the sudden death of my father, the fact my father had no will, and various other time-consuming matters that recently came to light.

CTU's dream is not yet over, but Murphy is certainly doing everything in his power to slow things down.

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My condolences. I had a rough year too. My dad died in April of this year, so I can relate to that. Best of luck to you.

Thank you for the concerns. It means a lot to hear from a contemporary in the field. CTU-25 will definitely be out this year, unfortunately it only needed some massive tie-severing to happen. You no longer need be endlessly-waiting on someone, worrying you'll offend them if you don't give them even more time, after they've become permanently uninvolved. Unfortunately that entire drama-bomb actually managed to explode - once and for all - right after this news-post, but the end result was that I'm finally in a position to truly do just about everything myself.

That said, I'll probably be soon showing off footage from the abandoned - and highly drama-filled - earlier attempt at creating this episode (the one that ended up wasting years).

Yeah, hiccups happen and they are never fun! In this case the hiccups were epic horrid events.


Thank you - Wyldfyre - for all your help bringing CTU-25 together, and also for being someone I can actually still talk to (I know you sadly realize exactly what I'm talking about).

Things are rough, aren't they? I hope y'all find a way to keep on living.

I'm not giving up, but sometimes the universe sure doesn't give up.